Hello, I am

Gottfried Rosenberger

Welcome to my Homepage


I am a developer with experience in NodeJS, PHP OOP and website development.

Most of my PHP OOP projects are constructed for the Minecraft: PE Edition server software "PocketMine-MP". I have personally helped create multiple Minecraft PE servers such as EndGames, GreekMC and currently volunteer as a Lead Translator at Lifeboat Survival Games.

My development experience related to NodeJS mostly comes from developing ElementBot, which is a famous NSFW content bot. I do not currently participate in the project development.

Logos of some of the technologies I have experience with (PHP, DJS, NodeJS, PocketMine-MP).

Militaria Collector

I am a newbie militaria collector, I mainly collect contemporary objects from the first/second world wars as it is the period I am more interested on. My collection includes multiple medals, 2 WW2 German maps and an old Spanish police cap.

System Administrator

As mentioned previously I had experience managing servers which effectively meant I had to learn about system administration. I have experience managing Linux Debian based systems. This includes the configuration and management of websites, email servers, firewalls...